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One of the challenging aspects of offering a blockchain investment are the laws pertaining to Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering Laws. We’re working closely with legal agencies to comply with international laws that get developed in this area because we don’t want to support illegal activity.

The purpose of creating this token was to help remove the illegal "legal" activity that happens every day within the banking world, so help us by being in alignment with our core beliefs.

These two elements, KYC & AML, currently exist as normal legal contracts governed in their respective countries and jurisdictions. Moving them to smart-contracts on the blockchain will remove risk associated with legal costs and time loss. This is part of our goal all while focusing on protecting the individual above all.

2018/2019 Goals

- Establish partnerships with various mobile wallet applications to increase the liquidity and ease of use with Usawa tokens.

- Formalize legal standing of security tokens as financial laws catch up with blockchain technology.

- Help our real estate partners transition to blockchain titles as local jurisdictions begin implementing them.

- Move all real-estate and lending contracts onto the blockchain, tied directly to the on-chain titles for maximum security for token holders.

- Customer security enhancement to include a blockchain identity component or hash to our tokens for dealing with end-customer legal issues or theft.

Q1 2018: Company established

Usawa is founded by seasoned entrepreneurs with backgrounds in real estate, finance, technology and philanthropy as an effort to impact global poverty.

Q1 2018: Successfully funded base portfolio

Through a partnership with one of founders, Usawa acquires $3M USD in real estate loans and assets to begin selling tokens.

Q2 2018: First public purchase and funding round open

Usawa tokens can be purchased directly from the website with Ethereum. Token issuance will occur as soon as Polymath, Anchor or another decentralized securities exchange we partner with launches. Until then your investment will be held internally by us in order to conform to global KYC laws and secondary exchanges.

Q2 2018: Real estate investment partners increase

Usawa has sparked interested among our real estate investor network, increasing deal-flow significantly. 

Q3 2018: Token Issuance partner established

Security tokens have to conform to different laws than utility tokens many of those laws are grey or don't properly exist when it comes to cryptocurrency causing a slow process.

Q4 2018: On-chain liquidity partner established

Partners such as Bancor will enable us to greatly increase token liquidity. Allowing users to swap between our tokens and whatever is needed, at the exact moment for payment or transfer.