Offers Stable, Liquid Investment Option for Pension Funds and Banks

In the midst of pension mismanagement and misappropriated funds, we provide banks with a stable pension investment solution that guarantees a 6.5% interest rate on the US dollar.

Ensure Your Foreign Pension Investments Are Profitable

As a bank or pension fund manager, you understand the importance of diversifying your portfolios. For this reason, it’s likely that you allocate around 10-15% of your portfolio to foreign investments.

On paper, these investments might look profitable with a return rate of 6-7%.

In reality--when you factor in deflation--most bank investors are actually receiving a negative interest rate when profits are compared against the US dollar.

The current system not only hurts investors but also the people who eventually need to draw from pension funds.

We knew there had to be a better way, which is why designed a new pension fund solution that’s guaranteed to protect your money from currency inflation.

Our investment system--backed by real estate assets--provides banks with a safe place to diversify their foreign pension investment portfolio.

Start protecting your investments today.

How Does Investing In Work?

As partners, we want to help you grow your investments while also providing a solution that will help end world poverty.

What makes us a safer, smarter investment solution?

All of our investments are back by hard assets in the form of US real estate in the form of multi-tenant housing complexes that are cash flowing.

Through investing in real estate, we are able to override interest payments with an insurance policy to add another layer of protection and ensure your portfolio profits.

Best of all, the process of getting started is easy…

All you have to do is determine the amount you’re wanting to invest and submit those funds to us.

From there, we will invest your money and you will either receive monthly interest payments (a minimum of 6.5% interest) or you can continue to roll your interest over and reinvest it.

Beat Inflation pension fund investments are designed to negate global inflation enabling investor’s users to protect and grow their investments.

Complete Transparency is 100% backed by fully transparent real estate deals/business transactions so you can see exactly where your money is going. Our portfolio and the current status of deals is published publicly on our website.

Guaranteed Returns

Because we are backed by tangible, real estate assets, we can guarantee a minimum interest return rate of 6.5% for Banks and Pension Funds. In the first 12 months, we have exceeded this expected rate of return by achieving an 8% return in the first year.

The Importance of Investing Through

When you look at the rate of return while investing in pension funds against your local currency, it’s likely that you’ll see the numbers reflect a positive return.

However, when you factor in deflation against the US dollar, the results often appear dramatically different--with some investments even showing a negative rate of return.

Nobody wins when your pension investment profits are this low. That’s why we’ve created a better liquid pension investment option that’s not only designed to make you money, but will also help millions of people who are suffering from poverty due to currency deflation at no fault of their own.

The bottom line...You deserve a safe place to confidently invest your pension funds.

Our pension fund investment solution is designed to provide your bank with a safe, asset-backed investing system that will help prevent your money from being taken advantage of on the global playground.

Best of all, investing with us enables you to diversify your portfolio without the fear of money laundering or putting your money into untrustworthy hands as all funds and assets are held with a top tier third party custodian.

For-Profit Company is a for-profit company that invests in real estate loans in the USA and other countries. The portfolio of properties is balanced in a conservative manner in order to maintain a steady increase in the value of the properties and cash flow as dividends are added to the portfolio.

Usawa's Unique Promise

We guarantee that our investors will receive a minimum of 6.5% back on their pension fund investments.

Yes, really.

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